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Code of Conduct

During every Game or Scenario, Tim or someone appointed by him is the Officer in Charge (OIC). The OIC will be the final decision maker in all disputes, safety issues and rule questions. ALL OIC DECISIONS ARE FINAL.

Section 1: Cheating & Sportsmanship:

Airsoft is a game of honor, and as players, we must take faith in the fact that other players will play honestly. Not following the spirit of any of the rules listed below will be considered cheating and will not be tolerated. After all, if we, as men of valor, cannot display honesty in a simple game, how can we do it in more important areas of life?

1. If there is ever an occurrence when you feel you have hit someone and they do not call it, DO NOT yell and swear at them in the middle of the field (or off the field for that matter). Maybe the player didn’t feel it; maybe you didn’t hit them. Who knows? It’s only a game.

2. If there is ever an occurrence when you think you might have been hit, but aren’t sure, call yourself out anyway.

3. Any form of physical altercation (i.e. fighting) is not tolerated whatsoever.

Section 2: Safety:

Gun FPS - All guns will be checked for excessive velocity. AEG Maximum is 450 FPS. Sniper rifles can be higher, but may only be fired from longer distances. Personal Safety

1. Eye/Face Protection: Proper eye/face protection is mandatory. If you do not wear eye/face protection, you will not be allowed to play. Period. You will wear eye protection at ALL TIMES during a game until a cease fire is called. Magazines should be removed from guns BEFORE removing eye protection.

2. Firing on observers, eliminated players, or any other non-participating individuals or group of individuals is prohibited. Such action shall be grounds for immediate ejection from the field of play, and possibly the entire retreat.

3. All weapons should have the magazine removed when the weapon isn't in use.

4. Players should take extra effort to avoid targeting and shooting at the heads of opposing players.

5. Check your weapons and gear for proper functionality before starting play. A player is personally responsible for his/her equipment, whether owned, borrowed, or rented. If you break or ruin something, you will be held responsible for any damages. Accidents do happen. Be careful and play responsibly.

6. No airsoft guns will be fired in the camp area or ANYWHERE that eye protection is not worn. At the first offense, you will receive your only warning. At the second offense, the gun will be confiscated for the duration of the retreat.

Section 3: Player Elimination:

1. Direct contact with a fired BB on any part of a player’s body shall be considered a "kill" or “hit;” and constitutes that player’s elimination. This includes BB contact, or hits, on the person’s clothing, headgear, and equipment closely attached to said player’s natural body silhouette. (Exception - Hits on the player’s gun shall be considered “non-lethal” or incidental hits and shall not be used as a basis for elimination.)

2. Ricochets, intentional or otherwise, are not considered direct hits or “kills”. All penetrating shots shall be considered valid shots; and are not considered ricochets. Penetrating shots are defined as shots passing through grass, bush, leaves, or thin material used for cover.

3. A hit from a player’s teammate, or "Friendly Fire," shall count as a “kill”.

4. Players legally “killed” shall confirm their elimination by shouting aloud the word “HIT,” “DEAD,” or “OUT.” Call for a medic (per scenario). If a medic cannot get to you within 5 minutes, you will be considered dead.

5. Dead players shall make their way out of the field of play to a previously agreed holding area or re-spawn spot, depending on scenario rules. DO NOT stand in the middle of the field when you are dead! You can’t be “cover” for other players. You will get shot again - repeatedly.

6. Dead players are prohibited from giving hints, clues, or instructions to any active player. Dead men “tell no tales”!!

7. Do NOT shoot at anyone at a range of less than 10 feet. If you get the drop on an opponent, alert them to your presence and demand surrender. When facing a situation like that, immediately surrender and consider yourself “dead” as if you’d gotten shot.

8. A player should never take hostages, except within specific scenario rules. Taking “hostages” shall be defined as the deliberate use of another person or persons by a player in order to use them as cover or to gain a firing advantage on other players. This includes “wounded” or “dead” players.

Section 4: Boundaries and Limits:

Players shall observe all boundaries and limits to the field of play as established prior to commencement of activities. There shall be no deviation from the established boundaries at any time. Players shall not engage an opponent from, into, and/or across any designated "No Fire" zone.

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