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This is the Ninth Annual Men of Valor to be held in Illinois and is a two day, one night event. Just like last year, this event will be held (rain or shine!) at Lake Sallateeska! That means actual cabins, a cafeteria, beds and SHOWERS! (in addition to 80 acres of woods). So mark this date on your calendar! BE THERE!

Fri-Sat., May 25-26

at Lake Sallateeska, Pinckneyville, IL

Because of the new state-wide nature of this event, we will be starting Registration earlier for Groups and later for individuals. Times are:

Group Registration starts at 5pm

Single Registration begins at 5:30pm

The cost for this event is $30 per person.

Cost covers the one night stay (indoors, I might add) & 2 provided meals.

The registration process REQUIRES inspection of any airsoft guns or gladiator weapons you bring. Airsoft guns are not allowed anywhere but the Battleground Area. There will also be a system to mark ownership (so no guns are stolen/lost) and a secured Armory will be set up at the Battleground location. All airsoft guns are REQUIRED to be checked into that Armory. (for the camp windows safety, of course)

This event will go from Friday at 5pm until the pickup time, Saturday at 6pm. We do ask that if you come, you come to stay the whole event!

Be safe & have FUN! INVITE A FRIEND!

PLEASE NOTE! We already have NEXT years date which will be May 26-27 - 2017!