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Does this look a little crazy? Maybe. Does it look like a bunch of guys having an insanely awesome time? Absolutely. You can basically break down the event into three main parts:

Gladiator Matches

Staging gladiator matches with padded weapons is more than just an excuse for guys to beat on each other. It’s a game of skill, carefully refereed. Through the course of the event, guys will get a chance to compete with each other and decide who is the champion gladiator for the weekend! At the same time, they’re learning subtle lessons about the importance of weapons in a battle as well as why we fight. These lessons will be reinforced in the actual teaching sessions.


Running around the woods, shooting your friends and trying not to get shot… it’s a thrilling experience. Airsoft guns, for those unfamiliar with the concept, basically shoot plastic BBs at 300-400 FPS. That’s hard enough to sting, but nowhere near the bruise-power of paintball. (Even so, safety goggles are an absolute requirement.) 

Airsoft is a game of honor. If players are not honest with each other, the game falls apart. This is an extremely valuable illustration in one of the core precepts of manhood. In addition, airsoft teaches teamwork, the necessity of a code of conduct, and the vital importance of having a plan to deal with your opponents.


Tim loves teaching groups of guys at Men of Valor. These Biblically-based sessions are generally around 45 minutes long and deal frankly with the issues of today. We openly discuss topics you simply can’t address in detail from a typical church pulpit or in a coed gathering. The goal is inspiration - to motivate guys to live a life of Valor, serving their great King, following His code and fighting for His cause. 

Each guy gets a workbook in which to take notes, along with supplementary material to reinforce the lessons. The goal is to keep guys engaged throughout the process, as they make the connections between the physical activities and what the Bible teaches about the real battle they’re encountering every day.

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