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Men of Valor is intended to be a time for teenage guys to come together, have a lot of fun being guys, and learn some important lessons about sex, integrity, purity and valor.

There's a couple of things that need to be said, though.

First, the events are pretty physical. The "toys" we're playing with can hurt. Though we place a very high priority on safety and do everything we can, it's still quite possible (even probable) to get a few bruises and scrapes. No one is forced to participate in any given activity, but it is encouraged for team bonding.

Second, the subject matter is deeply personal, spiritual, and of a "mature" nature. This retreat gets fairly explicit on sex-related issues. The goal is not to scare anyone through discussions of STDs or anything like that, but instead to focus on the positive - on the vital relationship with Christ that is the goal. We're talking about so much more than just saving sex for marriage. We're talking about being pure in every area of our lives, starting with that most dangerous area - the eyes. The lessons are extremely practical. If you have any questions about the content, feel free to ask. 

Some of the material is based loosely off of this book: Every Young Man's Battle. 

As you can see from that title, we're treating the war for our sons' purity as just that: a war. That's why the entire weekend is built around "battle"-themed events (gladiator duels, airsoft, etc.). It's not just fun for the guys; it all ties together into the important lesson we're trying to teach.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with your teens.

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