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We live in a culture that is steeped in sex, where real men are virtually impossible to find. Huge percentages of our teens (even among Christian families) come from broken homes. Without strong examples and training, how will teenage boys ever become true men?

Valor Ministries was begun by Tim Frankovich, a youth worker who decided to do something specifically for the high school boys in his youth group in 2003. Building a rough teaching outline from the book Every Young Man's Battle, he put together a two-day retreat focusing on issues of purity and manhood. Framing the entire weekend with the battle theme, he incorporated activities such as gladiator duels and "man hunt" in the woods.

Over the years, the Men of Valor retreat has grown, both in activities, teachings, and scope. Following 2007's event, Tim felt the call to expand this ministry and take it to other churches. Men of Valor retreats have now been held with churches in Texas, Louisiana and Illinois.

The current format for Men of Valor weekends is a Friday-Saturday schedule (usually), involving six teaching sessions led by Tim, interspersed with gladiator and airsoft activities. The battle theme is emphasized throughout, inspiring young men to recognize their place as true men in service to the King. This format can be easily adapted to fit your specific needs, such as a D-Now weekend or youth camp.

If you are interested in hosting a Men of Valor retreat for your church, check out more information on the Leaders page, or contact Tim at this address: tim@valorministries.net or by using our contact page.

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